Convert OST to PST

There are times when the Exchange Server goes down, crashes, or its user accounts get deleted. And if you are looking for a freebie solution to open your OST files on such occasions, then use the OST to PST Converter tool.

The freeware Microsoft OST to PST Converter tool quickly restores or exports OST files and helps to access the orphaned OST file data. Also, you can save the Exchange OST file into an existing or new PST file with the help of this tool. The freeware converter tool vigorously and smartly searches for OST files.  And the performance of the tool remains unaffected by the corruption of the OST file.  Hence, with the help of the software, it becomes easy to fix all types of OST issues. Learn more

Outlook mailbox can be accessed offline through Offline Storage Tables (OST file) even when the internet connection is unreliable or not available due to technical reasons. OST file is an efficient medium that allows mailbox to function in the offline mode (no connection to the server). The OST files are easily affected by external disturbances when there are any unfavorable circumstances, hence there could be many reasons that can make OST file inaccessible or corrupt. Learn more

Have you ever been in a situation where a vital email got stuck in the Outlook Outbox, and it just refused to move out of that folder? This problem can arise due to many reasons like: Learn more

Microsoft Outlook is the most dependable platform for the businesses to share and receive their professional emails and keep all their contacts and journals in it. It can easily synchronize with Exchange Server and create the OST file which lets the user work in the offline mode. But there is a possibility that the OST file may become corrupted due to various reasons like abrupt system shutdown, virus attack, synchronization error and others. Learn more

Microsoft Outlook is a versatile emailing tool that not only provides you the ability to communicate with your colleagues, clients, and other people but also offers you many other features. Some of the most beneficial features of MS Outlook include calendar, notes, contacts, and web access. Though, these features are amazing, the top advantage of using Outlook is you can even use it Offline. Learn more

Why is the reason to Import OST file to Office 365?

The basis reasons why the users want to migrate the OST file to Office 365 is the inaccessibility of viewing the OST file in Outlook due to problem in Internet, managing the large size OST files in Outlook, and synchronizing the OST files with Exchange Server. Many times the network related issues make the OST file impossible to access and retrieve its content. Therefore, users want to move OST file to Office 365 account. Learn more

MS Outlook, when connected with Exchange server, provides you with an offline data storage file using which you can even use Outlook when its connection with the Exchange server has been lost. This file is called OST file.

OST is an important file; hence, in this article, we will explore some ways to back up the Outlook 2016 OST data file. Learn more

Are you an Outlook user?

Though MS Outlook is integrated with so many exciting features to add more ease and convenience in a professional’s life, is there anything that irritates you the most about this application?

Let’s face it – the sudden Outlook error messages that pops up on the screen especially when we are required to respond in urgent is something annoys each one of us. And this error appears again and again over the time even after being fixed. Learn more

Microsoft Outlook with Exchange Server is considered as a favorable client-server environment to carry out healthy email-based messaging communication. The role of the Exchange Server is to store the data of every individual user in different mailboxes or profiles, which can be accessed using Exchange email account. however, Outlook has the dependency on Exchange Server, as offline storage folders (OST files) creates an exact copy of user data, which get stored on Exchange database. Learn more

Productive and real-time IT infrastructure is the outcome of advanced email infrastructure. Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook platforms are the perfect examples of comprehensive email solution where enterprises can fetch dynamic collaborative services round the clock. Despite huge and intelligent email infrastructure deployment, the tiny and crucial entity floating through networks, email platforms, i.e. email item ruins the show. When we talk about Outlook email items, then OST and PST files are the primary concern for email users as these files store important emails, contacts, journals, calendars, etc. Learn more