Convert OST to PST

Requirement to switch MS Outlook to Lotus Notes and execute OST migration procedure

To improvise emailing standard, user switch to one email platform to another. This is why email conversion is one of those issues whose importance can’t be ignored. Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes are the two most employed email platforms, and so there is always an argumentation over which email platform is better for the organization. On analyzing the services of both the platforms, Lotus Notes outshines Microsoft Outlook in terms of data salvation, structural design and customizability. To rescue user from the dilemma of opting one of the two platforms, here are some of major points of discussion that defines benefits of choosing Lotus Notes over MS Outlook.

Limitations of MS Outlook

  • Creating distribution list: User cannot add a person to the email distribution list until the person’s id already exists in the contact list. So, in order to create a distribution list user need to add the recently know person to the contact list.
  • Arrangement of folders: All the folders in MS Outlook cannot be rearranged or renamed as per user’s choice. Only favorite folders can be rearranged but cannot rename Inbox or Outbox or other default folders plus their font, color, style or size cannot be customized. There are limited sorting features to customize the view of folders and other Outlook items.
  • OST file corruption and Data loss: MS Outlook provides offline email creation and maintenance in form of OST files that are stored on Exchange Server in the absence of Internet connection. But most of the times these files are either damaged or on the verge of being lost, as they possess a vulnerable nature. User is always required to recuperate these files through file conversion process.

Apart from the above-mentioned flaws, there are many issues with MS Outlook platform, some of which are still under process of being resolved. However, Lotus Notes provides a better platform to carryout email activities. There is a wide range of advanced features offered by Lotus Notes or IBM Notes, which compel user to opt it.

Advantages of Lotus Notes or IBM Notes:

  • Creating Replica: With Lotus Notes, user can create unlimited copies of their database not only on Domino Server but on other email servers too. This feature enhanced the accessibility of Lotus Notes emails. Moreover, apart from the administrator, other users who have access to the replica database can modify it without affecting the original data copy.
  • Embedding digital signature: On switching the email platform from Ms Outlook to Lotus Notes, user can create a personalized authentic signature that can only be accessed by administrator for modification purpose. Thus, it makes an impression of genuine email on the email receiver.
  • Publishing data: Lotus Notes permits users to publish their database on web browser along with metadata. This feature allows users to convert required database in HMTL format and access them on any Web browser.
  • Data security: Although, Lotus Notes permits more than one user to access and modify database, but it is quite strict on security grounds. Lotus Notes follows advanced security standards. It applies different data protection rules on every level during data sharing process.

This is just a gist, on installing Lotus Notes setup, user will explore much more. And, it is because of such reasons many users are opting for OST to Lotus Notes migration. Now, when we have understood the need of OST to Lotus Notes transfer, the procedure to transfer the OST files is required to be acknowledged.

Whenever, you thought for OST to lotus Notes migration, it is important for you to ensure that files to be transferred are in intact form. The tool is a reliable application that is accomplished to perform this task. It is even embedded with file exportation feature, which enables migration of OST files to Lotus Notes. So, on installing Convert OST to PST both the purposes can be solved.

The OST to PST Tool primarily detects damaged OST file form the OST file batch then enlists the recovered files in hierarchical format. User either can select required files for migration purpose, indicting filter feature or can select complete OST file data. After selecting files, user can choose IBM Domino option to export files. IBM domino is required to be selected, so that user can extract data files to Lotus Notes easily from there. The software completes the procedure in few clicks effortlessly. More information


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