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Frequent OST Sync Errors are Feeding on Your Emails! – Read this Guide

Productive and real-time IT infrastructure is the outcome of advanced email infrastructure. Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook platforms are the perfect examples of comprehensive email solution where enterprises can fetch dynamic collaborative services round the clock. Despite huge and intelligent email infrastructure deployment, the tiny and crucial entity floating through networks, email platforms, i.e. email item ruins the show. When we talk about Outlook email items, then OST and PST files are the primary concern for email users as these files store important emails, contacts, journals, calendars, etc.

Why Offline Storage Tables (OST) File is Significant?

Offline Storage Table or OST file is the intelligent functionality of MS Outlook which generates the look-alike copies of Exchange mailboxes on local computer hard drives. The OST file intuitively offers the access to locally stored email items when Exchange Server services gets disrupted to MS Outlook email client. In addition, once the Exchange Server connection establishes, the OST file synchronizes its updated data to the Exchange database. However, it has been seen that during such procedures frequent cases of OST corruption arises. Let us look at the specific error and its impact.

Why Error 8004011D-526-80040115-0 is resulted from OST synchronization?

As you all know about OST synchronization mechanism which automatically gets triggered after Exchange Server comes back online and establishes connection with MS Outlook. But, things are always not in control because of unpredictable software or hardware crashes. If a user is encountered with OST synchronization Error 8004011D-526-80040115-0, then it can be deduced that OST synchronization between OST data files and Exchange Server didn’t takes place effectively. To avoid any possibility of OST sync errors, one must know the primary reasons behind such unexpected occurrences.

  • Network Disruption: Breakage in network cables, network adapter failures, network equipment malfunctioning, and incorrect network configuration downplays the active OST synchronization process.
  • OST Corruption: Windows registry errors, power failure during OST usage, inefficient handling of OST file are some reasons that attributes to OST sync error.
  • Exchange Server Failure: Varied reasons like Exchange dirty shutdown state, jet engine errors, Exchange hard drive errors, and Exchange power failures put serious hindrances in OST sync errors.
  • External Threats: All categories of viruses, malwares, spams, Trojans, and worms are a serious threat to OST files as well as Exchange Server database.

As we get acquainted with most probable reasons responsible for the OST Sync errors, therefore it is essential to take adequate steps for rooting out the problems associated with OST corruption.

Strategic Ways to Prevent 8004011D-526-80040115-0 Error

  • Keep a check on installed antivirus product and regularly update the antivirus patches for utmost effectiveness on brutal viruses that gains entry to email infrastructure.
  • Once Exchange Server comes online, try to synchronize Offline folders with Exchange Server by clicking the Tool  Synchronize tab in MS Outlook.
  • If you’re detecting any signs of OST corruption or irregularities, then invoke and run the OST Integrity Tool to repair minor OST errors.
  • If everything seems to be out of control, then recreate the Outlook profile with the help of backed up OST/ PST data files.

Practicing preceding mentioned procedures can help in preventing OST Sync 8004011D-526-80040115-0 error to some extent. However, at this instance, if the OST file corruption restricts the accessibility to crucial email items, then it is the best time to restore email items from the corrupted OST files using a third-party Convert OST to PST tool.

Solution – OST to PST Software

The OST to PST software is the application to restrain brutal OST corruptions while reviving the integrity of email items. It has advanced OST to PST conversion technology and integrates robust cloud and email application migration options. The software is embraced with adaptable technology that supports robust MS Outlook 2016, MS Exchange Server 2016, and Windows 10 platforms. Read more :


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